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                                                   READERS INSPIRED BY "REFLECTIONS!"

"As I began to go through this journey with the Author, I knew I wouldn't be able to put this book down. It gave me life! I...Was...Inspired. To see her in person and listen to her story face to face brought tears to my eyes. Truly a wonderful read and a great tribute to Prince."

~ Lolita Allen, President, Divas Read 2 Book Club 

"Oh, how you have inspired me!...Thank you for sharing your personal journey with us. Your words are poignant and vividly picturesque, while at the same time tying into my own path."

~ Stephanie Watson Swan

"Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you again!!! I laughed, I cried, and I also took a minute to just breathe. You touch[ed] me and open[ed] my eyes a little wider...this book, your book. You did it and in perfect timing." ~ Margaret Freeman

"I just saw a copy of your book at mom's house and I.COULD.NOT.PUT.IT.DOWN! What a beautiful, exquisite, inspiring contribution to the lexicon of life! And how gorgeous to get so telling how many lives you'll save, how many advocates you'll create, how many new authors you may inspire. Bravo!" ~ Krystal James

"Reflections of Life is a beautiful masterpiece which I know will undoubtedly bless all who pick it up!" ~ Best selling author Angie Ransome-Jones 

"Reflections of Life...what a wonderful and beautiful experience. I applaud you for sharing your gift, a piece of your life's journey, and your authentic self with us." ~ Melissa E. Kinner

"I embraced and listened to a truly PHENOMENAL woman and author today at her book signing."

~ Jeslyn Lewis, author and playwright  

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