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Reflections of Life: A Collection of Poetry, Prose and Images 

by Mel Brown McGinnis

"Reflections of Life" is a heart-felt collection of poetry, prose and images created by the author representing significant moments in her life's journey over 20 plus years. This debut masterpiece takes you on a journey of authenticity and truth, and at the same time serves as a poignant commentary on the world today!


Natural Elements...the images

by Mel Brown McGinnis

Featured in "Reflections of Life, A Collection of Poetry, Prose and Images," the beauty of nature is on full display in this riveting collection of photos taken by the author during her world travels over a span of 10 years. The photos depict vivid images from picturesque destinations, including Anchorage, Alaska; Biloxi Beach, Mississippi; Lake Providence, Louisiana; Pacific Coast Hwy; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Nassau, Bahamas; and Long Beach, California! Get ready to take a journey through nature with visions of earth, wind, fire and water in "Natural Elements...the images!"


HOME Anthology: An Antidote of Creative Expression"

Contributor Mel Brown McGinnis

Organized by Michael Guinn

HOME Anthology, organized by nationally renowned spoken word artist Michael Guinn, is a collection of poetry and stories from amazing poets and writers from all over the world, including Argentina, Spain, Canada, Australia, Uganda, Kenya, Russia, United States and New Zealand. In celebration of National Poetry month, contributors to HOME write perfect poetry and verse capturing how it feels to be at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mel's poem "the blank page" was chosen to be included in the anthology. This chapbook in booklet format is a global poetry anthology of pandemic proportions. HOME also comes with a complimentary copy of the biography of all contributors to the anthology. Get your copy today!