Reflections of Life: A Collection of Poetry, Prose and Images 

by Mel Brown McGinnis

"Reflections of Life" is a heart-felt collection of poetry, prose and images created by the author representing significant moments in her life's journey over 20 plus years. This debut masterpiece takes you on a journey of authenticity and truth, and at the same time serves as a poignant commentary on the world today!


Natural Elements...the images

by Mel Brown McGinnis

Featured in "Reflections of Life, A Collection of Poetry, Prose and Images," the beauty of nature is on full display in this riveting collection of photos taken by the author during her world travels over a span of 10 years. The photos depict vivid images from picturesque destinations, including Anchorage, Alaska; Biloxi Beach, Mississippi; Lake Providence, Louisiana; Pacific Coast Hwy; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Nassau, Bahamas; and Long Beach, California! Get ready to take a journey through nature with visions of earth, wind, fire and water in "Natural Elements...the images!"


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