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Host a Reflections Book Club Brunch!

"Conversations from the White Sofa!"

Start the conversation by hosting your own Reflections Book Club Brunch discussing the author's work! Remember to work through the "Reflections" at the end of each chapter in your meeting for an in-depth discussion of the chapter(s) chosen by the host.


Take pictures of your meeting and tell us all about it, and you could have the name and location of your Book Club featured on our website and social media page! * 

Let's Talk!

* The author, in her sole discretion, reserves the right to choose which book club events to highlight on the website or social media page(s) and reserves the right to decline posting photos or comments from any book club event.

Book Club Photo.jpg
Divas Read 2 Book Club.jpg

Divas Read 2 Book Club

October 5, 2019

Duncanville, TX

Reflections Book Club

September 30, 2018

Arlington, TX

Diamonds and Pearls Book Club.jpg

Diamonds & Pearls Book Club

October 8, 2019

Fort Worth, TX

Divas Doing Books.jpg

Divas Doing Books Book Club

February 16, 2019

Frisco, TX

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